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We have included a selected list of links to manufacturers and resources we consider could be useful, but cannot take any responsibility for the content of third party sites. Please note that we have no financial or contractual relationship with any of the companies lised here, we list them only because we have used their products and found them to be good value.

Svantek Noise Meters - we use these meters and have found them to be extremely good value, reliable and very, very robust. Whilst we would not recommend you try the following yourself, a colleague accidently dropped a Svan 947 from a height of 12 metres onto a concrete floor and although the rubber bumper at the base was damaged and the case received a noticeable dent, it continued to function correctly and was found to be still within calibration when tested. Made in Poland by hand and to very high standards.

Acsoft - distributers for Svan, 01dB and other noise monitoring equipment. A very helpful company with a good reputation for service

Hearing Care Centre - audiology services in Suffolk and Essex